Good Farms Shetland Sheep

Breeding high-quality registered show & breeding stock with beautiful color and soft, fine, versatile fleece.

What are you looking for in a shetland?

Shetlands are one of the most versatile sheep in todays world of sheep raising and breeding options.  Breeders,  wool/fleece enthusiasts, spinners, knitters, crafters, felters, all have many choices and options with the beautiful shetland fleeces.

Shetlands are known for their soft, colorful, and versatile fleece, as well as their hardiness and ability to lamb with little assistance.

Once a primitive breed in threat of extinction, now thriving in several thousand registered flocks.

Their beautiful fleeces come in several  natural colors with many interesting markings and textures. So whether you want to crochet  a luxurious scarf, a beautiful woven wall hanging, a sturdy rug, and just plain want a pet to mow the lawn and provide fertilizer..... a shetland sheep or two may be just the right choice for you!


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